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wieters, a very big series hitting .500. >> jim: our scouting report on wade davis, another tall youngster, 6'5", a great debut against the tigers as he only gives up a run in seven innings and then against fenway park gave up seven of the quickest runs you have ever seen, but he does have above average stuff and he will pitch to both sides of the plate with his fastball. >> gary: 24 years old and this is his third major league start, second on this road trip. brian roberts will take the first pitch for a strike. picking up five hits in this series. 5-11. roberts with the 74 rbi's and closing in on the .290 batting average again. and that's going to miss inside. the count will go to 1-1. roberts the numbers continue to pile up for him as he leads the league with 52. a pitch taken away trying to get to that magic 60 doubles mark by the end of the season. he has a shot at it and he tends to hit them in bunches. it will be fouled back and the count at two balls and two strikes. dei trembley's orioles. 60 wins, 85 losses and 6-7 in the many of september. we have not had a winning month this se
: swung on an missed. luke scott. three strikeouts for wade davis. he retires the side in order again protecting the rays' 2-0 lead. ust a click and a drag. so maybe i'm better with money than i thought. introducing the virtual wallet from pnc, a high-definition, online view of your money. pnc. leading the way.  >> the 2010 orioles pet calendar now vail at orioles pack and it is packed with 15 months of your favorite orioles, their pets and some lovable animals with the spca. the proceeds will benefit the maryland spca and their work with local pets. pick it up at the official orioles teamster at camden yards and online at gary? >> gary: and as jim has repeatedly noted, it is a great stocking stuffer. >> jim: you know why? because christmas is just around the corner! >> gary: he is a switch hitter. as we said, getting back from an injury to the wrist that kept him out virtually the entire season. 0-1 delivery and again showed bunt. again this time will take and it goes to 1-1. >> jim: you could see dave trembley after starting mark hendrickson, his last start was in
. one is the number one trait of a loser? you have to have the ability to forget. >> wade davis goes for the rays and mark hendrickson on the mound. he is taking the start of brian matusz. when we come back, rick dempsey's scouting reports on the pitchers. the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder. before taking it on, one must study it first. rushing in unprepared may prove overwhelming... with all that juicy, 100% angus beef. there! you found a point of entry! the bacon beckons like a springboard to paradise. one small bite for man... etcetera, etcetera. angus axiom number 11: bring on the bacon. the astonishing new angus third pounders. all angus. all mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba  >> tomorrow night the red s are in town for for the opener of the three-game series, a have guest alegend, brooks robinson will join us here tomorrow night. we're looking forward to that. the pre-game ceremony with melvin mora and we're looking forward to visiting with number five. to want the finale of the four- game series with tampa bay as the orioles take on the rays. the birds
. the pitch is going to be taken away. 2-2 from wade davis. davis got out of the bases loaded jam in that first inning somehow. 2-2 delivery on the way and swung on and missed. another good breaking ball. >> jim: i can tell you how he kid it. he got him to hit that pitch and then he got some of the sliders to strike out melvin mora and then he got a little lucky on the line drive that kapler made a nice play on. luke scott is swinging the bat well. he had a quality at-bat but hit right at the right fielder. >> gary: michael aubrey, and he is working at first base in the ballgame. 27-year-old, shreveport, louisiana. one of the newer orioles. he made his debut last season in cincinnati. aubrey is looking for a spot to play for next year now. swung on and fouled back. he was with the indians, got in only 15 games at the major league level last season. the minor league, .295 hitter. 48 home runs in over 1,200 at- bats one ball, two-strike count. >> jim: not your pro toe typical first baseman. it doesn't mean you can't help. we talk about it. this is kind of an audition. even if you do
children. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, dr. davis. now we turn to the environmental working group and i might just say that we've called this hearing at the suggestion of senator specter before this study came out last week. please proceed. >> mr. chairman and members of the subcommittee im a scientist at environmental working group and organization based on iwo. holding this important hearin last week, we released the results of a 10-month investigation of the studies and government adviser is an industry documents on the effects of cell phone radiation. the studies published during the first two decades of cell phone use produced few definitive conclusions on cell phone safety. but research where scientists are for the first time able to study people who have used cell phones for many years suggest the potential for serious safety issues. more research is essential. week as the environmental working group are still using our cell phones, but we also believe that until scientists know much more about cell phones, it is smart for consumers to buy cell phones with the lowest
in that particular inning. >> davis swings through. davis ground out to end the 2nd inning. >> gary: davis with 17 home runs a good down hitter. he has trouble catching up to ball up in the zone. >> jim: and that's a line drive and a base hit to left center field. cruz will score. rodriquez sense as pie throws it back in. there's no throw to plate and there's a 2-run double for chris davis. texas has opened up ayo lead in the fourth -- a 4-0 lead in the 4th inning. >> he stays on it. one-strike pitch, it's a fastball. he didn't try to pull it. he stayed on it and drives it to the power alley in the opposite feel. all the way on the wall. cruz scores from second and from 1st base is rodriquez. >> jim: he has 44 rbi does davis. here's vizquel, the number 9 batter. 1-0. so the, you don't turn the double play and don't put away the hitter and texas in the race, has put 3 runs on the board.   1-1 on vises quell. vizquel is 42 years old. he's been in pro ball since 1984. chris tillman was born in 1988. vizquel was beginning his fifth professional season in the mariners min
. >>> could gps clear a teenager charged in a high profile baltimore city shooting? 17-year-old lamont davis is accused of accidentally shooting 5-year-old raven wyatt in southwest baltimore this past july. davis was wearing a gps ankle monitoring system at the time of the incident. our media partner at the baltimore sun reports that his attorneys are calling for the gps system monitoring company to prove davis wasn't in the neighborhood when the shooting took place, but police say davis cut the ankle bracelet off shortly before the shooting. >>> michael jackson's private funeral service is just wrapping up. we have live pictures from the funeral procession in glendale, california. jackson's funeral service comes two months after he died suddenly from a potent mix of drugs to help the pop icon sleep. manuel gallegos reports for wjz from los angeles. >> reporter: the king of pop will finally be laid to rest 70 days after his death. michael jackson's family and closest friends are the only ones invited to attend the funeral at the famed forest lawn cemetery in glendale. his close friend, liz t
of a freshman hit by a car weeks ago. ashley davis died of her injuries yesterday. on september 1 she was on her way to first full bus stop when she was struck by a car on brinkley rd. that then crashed into a van. >>> the metro employe he h by a train last week died. john moore of arlington suffered fatal injuries after being struck on the tracks between the braddock road and reagan airport. he was a communications technician. he is the third metro employees to die on the job this year. >>> autopsy result in -- expected for a young university graduates to the murdered just days before the wedding. to new haven newspapers are reporting that police are zeroing in on a lab technician. the papers right the suspect had an unrequited crush on annie le and he failed a polygraph test and also had defensive wounds like scratches on his body. yale held a candlelight vigil on campus last night. >>> police in new york calling it a pre-emptive terror raid. this being targeted a group of afghan man with suspected ties to al qaeda. while agents did not find mama making materials, they said it was unnecessary
ties and two by fours. think if they had guns. >> reporter: harold davis is a local contractor we met a year ago at the same high school. running a program that pays students to restore and repair buildings. >> a weapon of mass destruction is an 18-year-old child with no education with a gun. there is something mad going on in our community. >> reporter: he isn't into excuses. >> why is it we are allowing our children to be out here in this madness as parents and don't know where your child is? >> reporter: davis says a mix of anger, gangs and a lack of opportunity is boiling over in a city that has seen 13 children shot since the start of the school year. >> you see gobs of them, mobs of them walking and hanging in the streets. not going home after school. >> reporter: why? >> why go home? there is nothing at home. >> reporter: fourteens have been charged with den on's murder, one a juvenile. a vigil ended with techers flaring. >> we are marching to tell young people to stop killing each other. that is against everything martin king fought for. you become immune and numb and today is
with 2 down. davis will play behind reimold with the left-handed player. texas got a run in the top of the first. the orioles trying to answer here in the bottom of the first. popped up. right over home plate. rodriquez throws him out. a man left. 1-0 texas. [ horse sound ] we're off. something smells funny and it ain't the ponies. floppy hats at ten o'clock. mm-hmm. closest to the track... but farthest from reality. excuse me, sir. pardon me, mam. good honest beer at a tasty price... is neck and neck with hoity toity atmosphere. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose... and ya'll are going to find out today... because you're about to lose this high life. whoo, your hat almost hit me in my face. we want to hand this out to the people... really watching the race. it's a liberating landslide... blowout victory for common sense.  stanley has a chance to win scratch off tickets for every orioles home run hit. you curve a chance to win, enter by logging on the masn beautiful night at orioles park. still summer. not autumn yet. nelson cruz will lead off. he was at the pl
sus heridas...ashley davis, fue atropellada por un automovil en temple hills dos semanas atras... davis es una de lassiete personas que resultaron heridas cuando un vehiculo lincoln continental la atropello, luego choco a una camioneta minivan.. un joven tambien fue atropellado, pero se encuentra recuperandose... la menor asistia a la escuela secundaria crossland... un estudiante universitario mato a un intruso que encontro en el garaje de su casa, con una espada de samurai.. ocurrio en la zona de baltimore donde el estudiante de la universidad johns hopkins fue atacado por el sujeto luego que este le indico que abandonara su propiedad... el intruso quien fallecio, recibio heridas en su mano y la parte superior de su cuerpo.. las autoridades aun no determinan si el joven recibira cargos en su contra.. z0z0z0z0z0z0un servicio de tranr por el rio potomac entre el condado de prince william y el sureste del distrito de columbia, seria posible pero costaria una inversion inicial de hasta 30- millones de dolares.. eso es precisamente lo que discutiran representantez0z0z0 princz0z05
as the best that the browns have going. i doubt he will play in that case. james davis and jerome harris, neither have a start before. >> i definitely have learned a lot. you can definitely see the speed. you have to learn how to adjust. >> maryland continuing a stretch. tomorrow, a fourth consecutive home game. an upset loss to middle tennessee state. maryland looks to get back on a winning track. a couple of fumbles for the talented guys. it has caused big problems. at the end of the game, the defense proved to be tired. it is also a young squad. >> what i like about this bunch is that they are eager. they want to do it. but sometimes they don't know how to do it. what they are learning right now is how to do it. people do not understand that. >> maryland fans are hoping they learned a lot quicker. the $5 for the sub, huh? what about the drink and the chips? extra. think a $5 sub is a good deal? it's time to unthink. kfc's new $5 fill-up boxes, each with a side... and medium drink for just $5 bucks. unthink. and taste the unsub side of kfc. this is fabulous! new kentucky grilled chicke
school started the week before. and ashley davis, a freshman was walking across brinkley road. she was walking across in the sidewalk where she was struck by a car. for the last two weeks she was fighting for her live, and lost that battle early moay morning. >> elvau forman walks her daughter to school. >> i walk her to school and i will be walking her to school, and when my car is down i will be walking my daughter to school. >> reporter: the freshman was struck by a car while walking to her bus stop on brinkley road. hospitalized for nearly two weeks, she died early monday morning. >> it's, like, everything is sad. >> i remember her smile. she had a fantastic smile. a very loving girl. >> do you miss her? >> yes, very much. >> reporter: davis just started her second week of classes at crossland high school when she was struck by the car. the sedan also hit a young person that pushed others to safety. the principal says it was tough losing davis in high school, and the thought of never seeing her again is very difficult. the week before school opened ashley came running in my off
due to weather. out to mark jones and bob davie with an update. we'll update florida state. chasing byu. what they call an audible. >> byu, ponder to casparowski. >> you're gloating about it. >> this a bit of a surprise. number 7 byu team on the ropes. now, come on. diggs agreement. why not. >> it's not a surprise. we did see -- we did see florida state play miami earlier in the year and did see miami play the other night against georgia tech which was a team coming into the season that a lot of people had high expectations for. i had picked them myself to win the akc. i was wondering after the miami and florida state game when i saw those teams tussle there and put up so many points i was wondering is this really great offense. are these terrible defenses? you see the game the following week with florida state against jacksonville state. see them struggle in some inclement weather there as well and then the picture becomes a little bit clearer. maybe they're struggling because of the bad weather. miami the other night and what they were able to do against paul johnson and that geor
for the orioles, and holland will go to the mound for the rangers. welcome to our coverage. tom davis here with dave johnson. the orioles coming back after trailing early in the first inning to beat texas. >> it was a good ball game. matusz struggled, but he has been showing a lot of poise, righted himself, and was able to give his team a chance to win the ball game. the last four innings were very good, and got the win. >> let's take a look at some of the heights from yesterday's game. he worked 7 innings. won his 4th. he struck out four in the game and walked just one. >> his curveball is a big pitch. he gets on top a little bit, and uses a little bit of sweeping slider. again, this is a guy who was pitching in college last year. >> orioles down 3-2. remold hits the home run to to left field. >> well, he got a pitch to drive and did just that. of course he's been doing that all year long, and we hope he'll continue to do that the rest of the year. >> mora had a very good day yesterday, not only with the stick, but also fielding. >> yeah, he did drivety ball, and has been playing outstand
's linsey davis puts community colleges in focus tonight. >> reporter: erica is majoring in theater but it was economics that helped her choose her school. >> i paid with $1,500 a semester. i could be paying $15,000. >> reporter: savings are part of the reason that more than 90% of the country's community colleges report enrollment is up. >> the freshman class has increased by 42%. >> reporter: according to the princeton review more than 2/3 of students who applied for college this spring said the economy was a factor in their decision. in fact, the entire state of california's experiencing the largest statewide enrollment increase ever in community colleges, up more than 6%. enrollment is up 17% at bergen community college in new jersey. nearly 30% at dyersburg community college in tennessee. the obama administration proposed a $6 billion infusion in community colleges that would significantly help students like william hoover. >> i don't have the money to pay $20,000 a semester. >> reporter: the savings obvious, the question is value. >> i found myself competing very efficient lie
were notified of the classmate's ashley davis's death. several students witnessed the horrifying crash that happened a half mile from campus. >> i was very upset. >> after two weeks of prayer and vigils, students and parents that the devastating news. >> everybody was sad. >> 14-year-old freshman ashley davis died in hospital today, nearly two weeks after being struck by a car on her way to the school bus stop. it was at the intersection of brinkley and temple hill roads. the driver tried to keep going but slammed into a minivan occupied by a father and three kids. another pedestrian was also struck. >> you do not know what could happen. you could be here today and gone tomorrow. it is frightening. >> many of the streets near crossland high school did not have sidewalks or crosswalks. >> her family, her father, her mother, they have taken a great loss. now everything is back to normal, people flying up and down the street, passing school buses. >> neighbors say the police put speed monitors in place for about a week, but now they're gone and the students are not protected. >> it is sad
davis has the latest from abc. >> described as an overbearing control freak, the 24 year-old raymond clark is being held on $3 million bail. charged with killing the yale university medical student annie le. police arrested him yesterday at a motel 8 where he and his brothers spent the night. >> we never had any idea he could be a murderer. he never came across as that type person. >> this report clothing was found hidden in a ceiling wher. sources say he tried to cover his tracks by hiding blood splattered cleaning equipment while investigators went through the lab. a computer record would show annie le entered a small room in a basement and never used her card again. clark's wife discard repeatedly in the laboratory building on the day of of her death, including the rome where the body was found. several co-workers have come forward to say that clark used the lab can't that area as his territory. he often expressed his disgust at dirty mouse cages to annie le previously. >> this raymond is not the raymond i know. total opposite. >> officials believe this is a case of workplace viol
fly around and get to the football. they have so many playmakers on that defense. and coach davis tells us, about a year away, he thinks. i tell you they're going to be scary coming down the road. >> pam: north carolina has a team, only has five senior starters. couple of them over on the defensive line. here is a squibler. picked up by dwayne harris. tackled down at the 25 yard line where east carolina tries to get its offense going against this stout north carolina defense. >> ray: let's look at some those defensive highlights from the first half. led mostly by the sophomore, robert quinn, number 42. he's been flying around making play after play. here he is with the sack. and he's picking up where he left off from last week. he's got five tackles for a loss. actually the carolina defense does. last week robert quinn was haled in the end zone, which forced the safety against uconn which proved to be the winning margin as they won, 12-10. >> pam: yeah, 12-0 going into the third. week one they beat the citadel 40-6. completion to alex taylor. a senior from greensboro, north caroli
looking up, the jobless report which is down more than expected this morning to 550,000. lindsay davis' has more on our economic outlook. >> you do not have to look to wall street. economic indicators are apparent by the 5000 people who lined up yesterday on this street in orlando. they were all looking for a job in a city with an unemployment rate of 11%. in a country where as of july, 14 million people were jobless and competing for less than 2.5 million job openings. >> i lost my job awhile back so we are getting by on one income. >> while the unemployment rate is all, the federal reserve is out with in a report saying the recession may be over. >> i will not let up until those americans who seek jobs can find them. >> first-time claims for jobless benefits -- jobless benefits fell more than expected last week. there were 10,000 lower than analysts expected. nearly 360,000 homeowners lost their homes last month. >> thanks to bold and decisive action we have taken since january, i can stand here with confidence and say that we have pulled this economy back from the brink. that and ho
-fault in using two rackets. linsey davis took to the court to try it out. >> reporter: by most accounts, tennis was first played in the 11th and 12th century. the first rackets were bare hands. the rules of the game also evolved. but now, the sport is governed by the united states tennis association, or usta. they have rules, regulations. and what don mueller would call, rigidity. >> usta would go against everything i do. >> reporter: if he had it his way, he would bring one, final change to the rule books. >> i've been playing one racket and switching hand to hand for many years. i said, you know? why am i doing this? what's wrong with this? >> reporter: his idea is two-racket tennis. the first thing i noticed, picking up the ball is a lot more efficient. so, this is easy. as far as hitting the ball -- almost. it's hard because when my nondominant hand is not as strong. but with a little practice -- i'm killing it now. but no matter how valid his points are, the professor can't seem to win over the usta. >> you know what the game of tennis is? and it doesn't need to be changed. >> reporter: an
by reimold again to short. he makes the play. davis has a 1-2-3 inning. three up, three down. we completed three here at camden yards. perez with a great defensive play. for. for. - customer service. - low fares. - we're known for a lot of things. - bags fly free. the lowest fares. great pilots too. - customer service. - low fares. we're not saying other airlines are bad; we're just awesome. low fares, customer service, frequent flights, on time performance... bags fly free. come on over here and fly with us. ( ding )  >> gary: orioles baseball o masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by pnc, pnc, leading the way. the orioles after the victory in this four-game set against tampa bay, if they could pick up the win here with jim palmer and amber theoharis. mark hendrickson making the start, just his eighth in the year and the first one since may. he has walked none, struck out none and given up the one run on four hits. the orioles, no runs, two hits with three left on base. her's ben zobrist as we go to the fourth inning. zobrist flied
the man convicted of that killing, 36-year-old earl whitley davis was sentenced to life plus 20 years for the crime, which the judge called a carefully pnned execution, with people lying in wait. >> i feel quite relieved. i think i speak for the whole family. >> i couldn't understand how earl davis could go and shoot him in the back like that. the money was there. it was a lot of bullets. >> reporter: the case was moved to federal court from county court so prosecutors could seek the death penalty. >> our thoughts were if mr. davis could be removed from the streets, nobody else would have to go through what we went through. >> reporter: davis' attorney asked the judge for a lighter sentence of 50 years much the judge gave the maximum allowable sentence under the given guidelines and gives the family some relief, but only some. >> all the testimony all the family members gave explained very well all the hardships that jason's loss has had on not only his parents, his sister, but most importantly on his sons. >> reporter: he leaves behind a young son nathan and wife chrissy who suffers
's still in critical condition. classmates identify her as ashley davis, a freshman at near crossland high school. >> the car just came out of nowhere and struck her about 15 feet of the air, landing on the sidewalk. >> davis was hit by this gold lincoln, being driven by a woman in her late 20s, according to witnesses. >> she was speeding out of nowhere and just hit her, going up in the air. she fell down right there. everyone ran over there. >> reporter: after hitting davis, the lincoln then veered across brinkley road, clipping a 17-year-old boy walking, and slammed into a mini van with a mother and three children. everyone involved, all seven people were hurt, but ashley davis is the one still in critical condition. >> they need to really get it together. >> reporter: parents here are angry. and they complained about speeding. >> we need crossing guards, speed bumps, lights, supervision, we need it all for our children. >> reporter: late this afternoon, prince george's county workers set up an electronic speed sign at the scene of the accident. police are continuing to investigate the a
in biostatistics. dr. debra davis is a professor of epidemiology at the university of pittsburgh graduate school of public health. she got a ph.d in science studies the university of chicago. she served on numerous governmental and international advisory boards and wrote a book, quote, the secret history of the war on cancer. end quote. and lastly, dr. olga naidenko. a senior scientist at the environmental working group, a washington, dc based nonprofit organization. was the lead author on the report issued last week by the environmental working group on the topic of cell phone radiation. we welcome all of you here. we will start with dr. leszczynski. five to seven minutes, something like that. i'm sure we would like to get into a discussion with each of you, and your staples -- statements will be made part of the record. please proceed. >> thank you for inviting me to this important hearing on topic of great concern to all of us. i am a professor at the university in china and ajunk professor of biochemistry. i would like also to thank the people who made it possible for me to participate in th
kentucky, mr. davis, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from washington. mr. mcdermott: i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days in which to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous materials on h.r. 3548. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. mcdermott: mr. speaker, across america, there are people who are hanging on by a thin economic lifeline called unemployment insurance. without the passage of this bill, that thread will break for other one million workers before the end of this year. plunging them and their families into an economic abyss and threatening to reverse the positive signs we are beginning to see in the economy. we could prevent that, this afternoon, by passing this bill. this legislation will provide an additional 13 weeks of extended benefits to individuals in hard-hit states, specifically those with a three-month average unemployment rate at or above 8.5%. it's important to note that this legislation is fully offset and does not increase the deficit. at the beginning of this ye
to federal indictments of 22 people. what can you do to protected yourself? here's todd davis, ceo of life lock. you've seen the ads. it's a truck going around with the real social security number of todd davis. do i have that right? >> that's my real social security numbers. >> basically, daring hackers. violate me? so far, they've been successful. how many times have they succeeded. >> one time they got a $500 payday loan 2 1/2 years ago. >> have you clocked how many times they have tried the. >> i quit koungt. we have between -- people going after me are 1.5 million mens of the life lock service. they are going after all of us all the time like they did mr. bernanke and we got to go have that proactive solution in place. >> so if i just left my wallet in the cab what do i do, besides signing up for your service? >> i want to do things like who do you contact? go outs and cancel my credit cards and debit cards right away? whether it's going out and placing fraud alerts with major credit bureaus or looking at a service like life lock, you have to take proactive steps and do it before you
high school. they are dealing with the death of 13-year-old ashley davis. two weeks ago a car hit her when she was walking to her school bus stop on brinkley road. davis died of her injuries yesterday. principal crystal fawcett says it is tough losing davis. >> the week before school opened ashley came running in my office and sat on my lap, grabbed me my by arms and said, "i'm not ready to go. i'm going to stay here with you." i'm definitely going to remember that moment. just most importantly the fact she was willing to assist the week before school opened, no matter what i needed for her to do. >> grief counselors were sent to the school today as well as thurgood marshal middle school. >>> in spotsylvania county, bus drivers are disturbed by a policy that requires them to get a physical by the same school nurse practitioner. others are complaining about the treatment at the hand of that nurse practitioner. julie carey joins us to tell us about this. >> reporter: that new policy took effect last month. about 50 bus drivers went to last night's school board meeting to protest, includ
sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison. earl davis was arrested in 2004 for shooting and killing dunbar courier jason swindler in a hold-up in hyattsville. the case was moved to federal court so prosecutors could seek the death penalty against davis. the trial determined that davis was developmentally disable and excuse was taken off the table. his father says he's glad his son's killer will be off the streets. >>> in the wake of recent suicides on metro track, officials are considering ways to prevent it from happening again. the latest yesterday afternoon, a 15-year-old by died after he was hit at the columbia heights station. the boy intentionally stepped in front of the train. metro says the teen was acting strangely before he stepped into the train's path, but no one intervened. now officials say they will k consider training employees to be on better watch and to learn the signs of trouble. >>> a once-blighted property in southeast d.c. now looks as good as new. the overlook at oxen run, a 12-story apartment building for families and seniors opened up today. local dignitaries atte
davis has more in the fox weather center. >> six to 12 inches more by the weekend. heavy downpours not only today but sunday, as well. low pressure system sitting right over the gulf. that is keeping this system pushing out to the north. so it should go right into monday and warnings and watches are in effect. oklahoma being hit the hardest. that is why we're looking at numerous flash flood warnings today and throughout the weekend. we'll keep you posted on all of this for the rest of the day. >> gregg: domenica davis, thanks. >> jamie: crowds of protestors, they are marching on the nation's capital. broadcasting their message loud and clear. they are fed up with big government, they don't want more taxes. we're live in the nation's capital when we return. your body needs sleep to feel healthy... to feel better. tylenol pm quiets the pain that keeps you awake. and helps you sleep, in a non-habit forming way. who need assistance getting around their homes. there is a medicare benefit that may qualify you for a new power chair or scooter at little or no cost to you. imagine... one sc
of the story line, 84 yards and a couple of touchdowns rushing coming up in just a few moment, davie jones' locker, bob and i will talk more about vincent edward jackson and the decade of contributions as we look back and look forward from college football rookies' two programs. brown, seemed a little indecisive handing it off to guynn but devine picked up four anyway. well, devine actually was recruited by all the florida schools. he is from florida. ably the seminoles, gators, had some academic issues and west virginia just hung in and won the recruiting battle. >> bob: better keep jarrett brown in the pocket right now if you're the auburn pass rush. >> mark: third and five, completes it for the first down at the 38 yard line to jock sanders. talked about the florida connection with west virginia and those breakdown by state, florida with 22 players on the roster. actually they got a real talented backup quarterback geno smith from miramar, florida, down the block from yours truly and flag down on the play, brown down at the 40. >> referee: in the back, 82 offense, ten-yard penalty. firs
the name of the county from jones to davis. and the name of the county seat from ellisville to leesburg after unionists' gained control, they turned it back to the original name. >> by the end of the war, newton knight was so much the enforcer of the area that when yankee troops came to occupy ellisville and all these local counties, the uns that came in our black units, they are led by whi officers, many of whom were abolitionists, and anson hemingway, ernest hemingway's grandfather, served with one of those units. men like that, white officers commanding black units moved into jones county occupying a victorious union force that took over these parts of mississippi. newton knight, there are letters in the national archives from the union officers to newton knight asking him to carry out orders. one of the first things, a union captaiwrote to him saying there's a local slave child being held by his former owner who refuses to release him. you can free that child. i've read this child from the slave owners who can't return him to his parents and liberate him. newton knight gets the chil
davis shot and killed done bark courier swindler. prosecutors wanted the death penalty but the sentence came off the table when testimony fod davis to be mentally challenged. >> i just couldn't understand how or that elder davis could shoot him in the back like that. >> a sense we lost our son and nothing will bring him back. but at least we know now nobody else will l have to go through what we went through at his hands. >> swindler lt behind a young son and wife who suffers from hodgkin's disease. >>> a missing silver spring mother has been found murdered in her own backyard. police found her body thursday night hidden in a backyard plastic storage container. they made an arrest in the case. 17-year-old guevera who was dating the victim's daughter. vasquez didn't approve of the relationship and was killed after an argument with the suspect. neighbors were unnerved by the news. >> scary. i live here by myself my daughter. to this think this kwo happen to another woman my age is scary. >> a shock, you know, she was shot in the backyard and nobody knew about it. >> neighbors describe vas
crossing the street. >> i will be walking her to school. >> reporter: 13-year-old ashley davis is being remembered as a friendly, outgoing teen. the freshman was struck by a car while walking to her bus stop on brinkley road. hospitalized for nearly two weeks, she died early monday morning. >> everyone's sad. everything is gone. >> i remember her smile. she had a fantastic smile. a very loving smile. >> miss her? >> very much. >> reporter: davis started her second week of classes when she was struck by the car. the sedan hit a good samaritan who pushed younger children to safety. grief counselors have been sent to crosslynn high. principal crystal fawcett said it was touf losing davis to high school. the thought of never seeing her again is very difficult. >> the week before school opened, ashley came running into my office and sat on my lap, and said, i'm not ready to go. i want to stay here with you. i'm going to definitely remember that momt i had with her. just most importantly, the fact she was willing to assist the week before school opened, no matter what i needed for her to do.
investigators believe the fire was ntentionally set. jennifer davis has more. >> reporter: it's official, this big fire known as the station fire was intentionally set. and because two firefighters were killed, investigators and officials here at the command center are now treating this as a homicide. forensic evident at the wildfire's point of origin shows the fire was intentionally set. >> after a forensic examination of the point of origin of the station fire, arson investigators from the u.s. forest service, the los angeles county fire department, and the los angeles county sheriff's department have concluded that the station fire was the result of an act of arson. >> reporter: fire crews are making tremendous progress battling the flames but there have been flare-ups in roe moat canyons. a reminder that it is still a significant danger. >> look at me. i've a wreck. i haven't been to sleep in three days. i've been constantly worried. very stressful. >> reporter: assuming that are no notable setbacks, fire officials expect to have the wildfire contained in two weeks, not what nervous
more control of the fires near los angeles. >> but the fight is far from over. jennifer davis is live in southern california with the latest. jennifer. >> reporter: hi, tony and gurvir. now that the sun has come up, we can see the extent of the damage to the landscape. and i'll step away so you can see the charred remains left behind in this canyon. we're in the foothills of the angeles national forest. the fires have destroyed 60 homes and hundreds of thousands of acres. firefighters have made significant progress. the weather has been humid. that helps. there have also been some sprinkles, although no significant rain. no one is saying they have the upper hand, but many are hopeful. >> firefighters from across the western united states worked together, forest firefighters, city and county firefighters and crew configuration with bulldozers and helicopters and engines and we had a good outcome. >> reporter: full containment was projected by september 8th and has been pushed back to september 15th. 12,000 homes remain threatened and thousands are ordered out. >> the people that are no
43, ten-yard penalty, first down. >> mark: back to davie jones locker. >> bob: when a guy is first named head coach there is a bit of a honeymoon period where everything is positive. that wasn't the case with gene chizik. high percentage of the auburn fans negative because of his 5-19 record at iowa state coming in. but i think people overreacted to that record keep. keep in mind, pete carroll was the sixth pete. usc fans were in an uprage over him getting the job. >> mark: things worked out well. >> bob: pete carroll may be the best and bill belichick fired in new england. what's important to keep in mindy it's not how you start, mark. it's how you finish. bottom line, he's 2-0. forget about 5-19 at iowa state. >> mark: chris todd on the run, completes the pass to fangen and what a great move by mario fannin, super mario. looking for the six. touchdown! >> bob: wow. >> mark: 82 yards. >> bob: bill said what just happened? i saw number 27 run right by my entire defense. >> mark: his fifth touchdown catch of his career. like you were saying a moment ago with respect to the coaches,
for a third straight win. but wade davis keeps the birds bats quiet. the kid struck out 10 batters. a complete game shut out. the o's had several complaints about the strike zone, the rays win 3-0. boston comes to town tomorrow. >>> sight seers in time square new york caught a real traffic stopper. the nascar sprint cup cars rolled in. the final ten races determine the season points titles. the first race in the 10 event >>> the guiding lights is set to go dark. tomorrow is the final episode of the longest running show. the show's fans are promised a very emotional finale. >>> remember you can see how the guiding light ends right here on wjz tomorrow morning. >>> there is one heavy duty dining set on the move in michigan. this giant chair is being installed atop the trestles of a bridge in grand rapids. it's an entry in a city wide art >>> coming up next, documentary bill burns. that does it for
at a cemetery near los angeles, 70 days after he died. he will lie next to jimmy stewart and sammy davis, jr. and walt disney. the public will not visit his grave. he will be interred in a private mausoleum. >> this is a different experience than elvis at graceland or michael jackson, had he been buried at neveland. >> reporter: the jackson family purchased 12 plots at the cemetery. the singer's estate will pay for all of the funeral expenses. >> they have said the costs will be extraordinary. >> reporter: the singer is finally be laid to rest, but the legal drama is just beginning. the medical examiner has ruled the death a homicide. jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray said he injected the king of pop with propofol and several other drugs before he died. murray said he is not responsible for his death, but investigators are building a case against the doctor. joell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >>> here is -- joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >>> here is a lot of beautiful blue skies and a few clouds. that almost looks like a front going by. we are monitoring the tropics as well. we
't in the neighborhood when the shooting took place. police say davis cut the bracelet off before the shooting. >>> the maryland transportation authority is expecting heavy delays on the bay bridge as people head to the beach for the labor day weekend. the transportation authority says more than 360,000 cars will cross the bridge between now and monday night. that's a three% increase in traffic there. they recommend travellers use the bridge during off peak hours. you'll be free to enjoy this beautiful weather. take a live look over baltimore. sky chopper 13. it's have i very nice day. meteorologist tim williams is in the first warning weather center. >> good afternoon, everyone. the clouds are definitely out there. they're part of the actual uh, reason that we have the nice conditions in place. let's explain that for you. temperatures around 79 degrees at bwi marshall. getting township 89 degrees currently. high pressure in control. ideal for outdoor conditions. the rain well offshore is well offshore. the high pressure in control is bringing a bit of a flow from the east. there are no shower
. let's get to dominican davis. >> hello, jane. flash flooding has been a big problem for the northern part of georgia, especially this morning. a lot of those schools had to close because of flash flooding that was in the area. when you see the darker shades of green, that is what we are looking at. as you can see, we have some pretty extensive flash flood watches and warnings that not only go for georgia, but alabama as well and pushed into the ohio valley. unfortunately, we are still looking at several more inches of rain to come before this system pulls away. tomorrow, we are still going to be looking at those flash flood concerns. you can see heaviest rain on the radar is just to the north of atlanta. we have another batch that is coming through central parts of alabamahat are pushing into the northern georgia area by later today. it continues to be a wet one. today is the last day of summer. we are not doing too bad temperature-wise. the northeast, 75 degrees in places like new york. 77 degrees in chicago. out west, we have some heat moving into the pacific northwest. we will see
, and then, i would go home and listen to people like miles davis. i cou see that there was a music, and then, stn general, it is a warm pace. the people are beautil, and it is goodlace,çç so for me, i want to go back a do whatever i can to make a better place. tavis: i know how you do it, because i can hear. those feelings, those emotns in music? >> the first thing you ha to do is trust yourself, and you have to be honest. one of the things that ll my students i that we alway struggle between who you would be and who you really are, and have to kind of toss that first thi aside and just come to terms with who you e, and t more thayou do that, the more things willtart to refct themselv in your music. for me, where i am right now, music as much more than not and chords. ççit is about telli a story, u know? tryinto convey emotions and titudes. tavis: you said you have to be honestithççourself first. let me ask you too tha to be honest th me abou h you feel about katrina, aut the potics surrounding it, whatever your feelings are about your home town. tell me h you feel about it >> i
and listen to people like miles davis. i could see that there was a music, and then, just in general, it is a warm place. the people are beautiful, and it is just a good place,çç so fo, i want to go back and do whatever i can to make a better place. tavis: i know how you do it, because i can hear. those feelings, those emotions into music? >> the first thing you have to do is trust yourself,ç and you have to be honest. one of the things that tell my students is that we always struggle between who you would be and who you really are, and have to kind of toss that first thing aside and just come to terms with who you are, and the more that you do that, the more things will start to reflect themselves in your music. for me, where i am right now, music as much more than notes and chords. ççit is about telling a storyu know? trying to convey emotions and attitudes. tavis: you said you have to be honest withçç yourself first. let me ask you to do that, to be honest with me about how you feel about katrina, about the politics surrounding it, whatever yourç feelings are abt y
challenged. >> i can't understand how davis could get -- shoot him in the back like that. >> we have lost our son. nothing will bring him back. at least we know no one else will have to go through what we went through in his hands. he left behind a young son and wife who suffers from hodgkin's disease. >>> a woman whose family thought she was missing was murdered. her body was discovered in a plastic storage container two weeks after she disappeared. a 17-year-old kid has been arrested. jane has the report. >> reporter: that 17-year-old juvenile will be charged as an adult according to montgomery county police. they say, he murdered his girlfriend's mother. when rose vanished without a trace, worried neighbors circulated fliers. police found her body hidden in a backyard plastic storage container. >> it's sad to hear this news. i saw her the day before she disappeared. all of a sudden, she disappeared. then, it was shocking. >> reporter: more shocking was the arrest of the 17-year-old. he was dating the victim's daughter. vasquez didn't approve. the victim's daughter led him into the home the
. -- a detour davis back. he underwent a triple bypass. the entire wbal family is very happy to see dave feeling strong enough to come back to work. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus cast with meteorologist john collins. >> we're getting reports of rain and that has slowed things up traffic wise. a little lightning and thunder with that, but it is pulling out, now. it is a very narrow band. the most serious thunder and lightning was down in parts of virginia. you get a larger scope of what this storm is doing. that is the core of the storm. you can see everything spinning around. it is not the rain. we had a quarter inch but it is the cool air that is what we're the ones to feel for the next couple of days. what happened during the day today? >> the sun was out. we will drop about five-eight degrees by tomorrow morning and at the airport, we got just over one-tenth of an inch of rain. the rain coldest down and temperatures around the bay and the city are in the upper 60s. -- cooled us down and temperatures around the bay in the city are in the upper 60s. in hagerstown it is also 73. temperature
. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: 24-year-old najibullah zazi was in court for only about five minutes. at that time the lawyer entered a plea of not guilty and learned he will be permanently detained while the government builds his case against him. >> mr. zazi has in agreement with one or more people who committed an unlawful act. the conspiracy charge cannot be sustained. >> reporter: zazi, a shuttle bus driver from denver, colorado, was the only suspected terrorist to appear in the new york court for arraignment this morning but authorities say they now know the identities of at least three other people believed to be involved in the alleged terror plot possibly targeting new york city subways. >> they better come up with someone else or the conspiracy charge fails. >> reporter: zazi faces charges of conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction but he continues to deny any wrongdoing. officials say he shopped at beauty stores for bomb supplies. the accomplices reportedly traveled from new york city to denver, then used stolen credit cards to buy beauty products with hydro
-yard penalty, first down. >> mark: back to davie jones locker. >> bob: when a guy is first named head coach there is a bit of a honeymoon period where everything is positive. that wasn't the case with gene chizik. high percentage of the auburn fans negative because of his 5-19 record at iowa state coming in. but i think people overreacted to that record keep. keep in mind, pete carroll was the sixth pete. usc fans were in an uprage over him getting the job. >> mark: things worked out well. >> bob: pete carroll may be the best and bill belichick fired in new england. what's important to keep in mindy it's not how you start, mark. it's how you finish. bottom line, he's 2-0. forget about 5-19 at iowa state. >> mark: chris todd on the run, completes the pass to fangen and what a great move by mario fannin, super mario. looking for the six. touchdown! >> bob: wow. >> mark: 82 yards. >> bob: bill said what just happened? i saw number 27 run right by my entire defense. >> mark: his fifth touchdown catch of his career. like you were saying a moment like you were saying a moment ago with respect to
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